Longarm Quilting Services

I am pleased to offer longarm quilting services using a Janome Quilt Maker Pro 20 with Pro-Stitcher Premium.  Pro-Stitcher integrates computer technology with longarm quilting machines to enable precision in design and allows you to complete your quilts faster!


Pricing starts at $.025 per square inch for edge-to-edge design.  Custom quilting that uses separate designs for blocks, sashing, or fill effects start at $0.35 per square inch.  I do not charge extra fees for thread or to load your quilt onto the machine.  I have a minimum $35 charge.  


I use Quilter's Dream Batting for all of my machine quilting.  Batting is provided for your project at an additional cost and is priced per linear foot.  If you would like to provide your own batting, please let me know.

Quilter's Dream Cotton Select - $4.84/lin ft
Quilter's Dream 80/20 - $4.58/lin ft
Quilter's Dream Bamboo - $5.15/lin ft
Quilter's Dream Wool - $6.02/lin ft


I use Superior brand 40 weight poly thread.  I do not charge extra fees for thread; however, if you would prefer to use a specialty or variegated thread there will be an addiional $5 fee.  

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