How do I get started?

T-Shirt Quilts

Go through your drawers and closets and pull out shirts or other clothing items you would consider having in your quilt.  Quilts can become boring if you use multiple shirts with the same design, so do your best to find ones with varying colors and design.  Keep in mind that both sides of a shirt may be used.  Designs and logos can be cut to fit the puzzle of your quilt.  I recommend trying to find at least 12-20 clothing items you would consider having in your quilt.  This will give me flexibility in helping you with your design.  You can add as many or as few shirts as you wish, but 12 clothing items will give you a good starting point.  

Wash your shirts without fabric softener.  

Please do not cut any of your shirts.    If you have any shirts left over from a previous attempt at making a quilt, I will do my best to work with them.  

If there is a design on a shirt that you do not want used in your quilt, please clearly mark them with painter's tape.  I do not offer stain removal services on clothing items, but I will do my best to work around any problem areas.  Sometimes a small stain can add a little bit of character to a quilt.  

T-Shirt quilts can be blocked and sashed or pieced randomly.  Coordinating cotton fabric will be used for the sashings, borders, backing, and binding.  You may also choose to use flannel or minky on the back of the quilt for an additional charge.  I use Quilter's Dream Cotton Select batting in my quilts.